Last week, another evil man took firearms and went on a shooting spree at his local school, this time a community college. This has aroused the ire of Leftists of all stripes, who unite around their universal declaration about the causes of gun violence. America, your gun rights are killing people. This version of events conveniently ignores several other aspects of this case which don’t meet the standards of Progressive evidence: namely, such facts don’t fit their narrative. So let us try a different narrative, starting with our facts.

New research by Purdue University professor J. Eric Dietz has shown something which should be obvious by now. Every major shooting in America, since the 1950s, has taken place at locations where citizens were legally forbidden from bearing arms, with the exception of two shootings. A look at mass shooting data compiled by Mother Jones shows the same, that gun violence tends to occur in places where there are no guns. The Crime Prevention Research Center has produced a chart showing that, of the 109 nations studied, the United States fell on the lower half of the average homicides, with fewer than 10 murders per 10,000 citizens. The infamy laurels for the world’s highest murder goes to Honduras, a socialist utopia. If taken on a smaller basis, American cities hold some of the highest murder rates in the world, lead by cities like New Olreans, St. Louis, Baltimore and Chicago. What holds these cities common, they share the same masters, radical delusions which are acted upon by their city governments. America is not a tremendously violent nation, despite what talking heads would read from a teleprompter. As may be seen on this map, even the UN agrees with us!

The guilty party in the Oregon shooting is not quite what he’s being portrayed as. He was involved in a school play, hardly the action of a misanthrope. There are even reports that CNN altered his photo, to show him as white, when he was, in fact, half black. An examination of his web activity shows that he was sympathetic toward the Black Lives Matter, F*ck the Police, ideology of racial radicals. There has been some speculation that the man was connected to jihadist groups of one sort or another, but there is no solid confirmation of that.

Evil men exist, we all know this. Modern weapons have been taken into their service, and have been used to slaughter countless millions in the name of ideas. But this latest shooting isn’t that sort of ideologically driven murder, this is the madness we’ve come to expect from our own youths.

Evil men will find the means to do evil things, if they don’t have guns, they’ll use knives, if not knives they’ll use bricks, stones or bats. Shall we abolish all implements which might be used for murder? Impossible

Let us face this matter squarely, without self-deceit. America is spilt by two contradictory attitudes toward the private ownership of guns. One the one hand is the Progressive position, which holds that the common man cannot be trusted with a gun, and that the only way to prevent his misuse of it is to disarm him, and place guns only the hands of government officials. Dennis Prager has aptly summarized this by stating: Calling for more gun laws enables liberals to feel good about themselves; it makes the Right look bad; and it increases government control over the citizenry. A liberal trifecta.
On the other hand is the position held by Rightists of all stripes; that is, that the common man is to be trusted to make the best use of his God-given right to the defense of person and property, and that government cannot be trusted with the sole power of the gun. Fareed Zakaria to the contrary, we do not need to restrict guns, instead we must grant greater legal permission for people to carry them.

In closing I will cite the words of George Mason, a leading Founder and co-author of the Second Amendment, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” Let us have liberty, rather than the foolish panics of democracy.

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